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Epoxy resin is the basic material of electronic industry, which is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, liquid crystal screens, optical disks, loud speakers, magnetic heads, cores, battery boxes, parabolic antennas, printed circuit boards and other fields. However, epoxy resin has the difects of high total chlorine, low purity and high viscosity, which are not conducive to the full display of epoxy resin performance. It severely limits the long-term reliability and electrical properties of downstream products.

Total chlorine is one of the key indicators of epoxy resins. Especially, hydrolyzable chlorine is corrosive and strong polarity, which has a non-negligible impact on the product life and electrical properties of electronic components. Epoxy resins with total chlorine below 800ppm are high-end electronic grade epoxy resins, which could be widely used in the semiconductor industry.

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Company Features
Founded in May 2022, Zillion Ultrapure Epoxy Resin (Xi'an) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of "R&D+Production+Sales" of ultra-high purity and low chlorine electronic grade epoxy resin.
We are the board member of China Electronic Chemical Materials Alliance. For many years, we are dedicated to the field of epoxy resin purification and dechlorination technology. We are committed to providing customers with high quality and reliable products at competitive prices.
Production Philosophy
Adhering to the production philosophy of "perfect and pure", our company has been devoted to the scientific research of ultra-high purity electronic grade epoxy resins.
We have achieved much remarkable scientific research and created three series of products: ultra-pure and low-chlorine epoxy resins, modified epoxy resins and epoxy resin auxiliaries, as well as customized derivatives services for ultra-high purity epoxy resins.
Enterprise Team
Our headquarter is located in Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. There are 35 employees, including 3 professors and 6 doctors, which is a team of solidarity, excellent style and dedication.
We have applied for 23 invention patents, have 2 R&D centers, and the production base covers an area of 40 acres. Our annual output of ultra-high purity epoxy resin can reach more than 15,000 tons.
Future Outlook
Life cannot be smooth sailing, there are often strong opponents and difficulties. But if we go forward, we will certainly see the light. Looking ahead, the bright Zillion. Integrity-based, product-based, and continuous improvement,
we will implement the new development theory to provide customers with the best products and services, and a stable, reliable and sustainable supply platform, and escort for the high-end electronics industry.
Development History
2019-2021: The technology completed the verification within the laboratory - the demonstration of the production process - the verification of the design, trial and construction of the production line.
2023: Our company completed the excess fund-raising work of an angel round of tens of millions of RMB. We have completed the 15,000 tons production in our production base.